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Product ID: 303071-9090-000

The miLOOP® from ZEISS is a game-changing microinterventional lens fragmentation device. Using micro-thin super-elastic, self-expanding nitinol filament technology, the ZEISS miLOOP allows cataract surgeons to achieve zero-energy lens fragmentation for any grade cataract.¹

Your benefits at a glance

> Up to 53% less overall phaco energy

> Up to 30% lower fluid volume

> Designed to minimize stress to the capsule and zonules

> Reduced procedure treatment time

> Reduced post-operative treatment time

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Technical Data
Weight 13 g
Number of uses Single use
Material Grade 304 stainless steel, TPE, Nitinol, CALIBRE 5101
Handle Length: 114,50 mm
Diameter: 12 mm
Cannula Length: 9 mm
Diameter: 1 mm
Wire loop Maximum width:
centered image
Standard Delivery Package
Designation Function
Wire Performs lens fragmentation
Handle Grip for surgeon
Slider Its retraction constricts the wire loop
Cannula Guides the wire for its insertion into the eye
Bellows Haptic feedback to guide the surgeon to the correct insertion depth of the cannula
Further Information
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