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SL Imaging Module for SL 115 Classic from ZEISS product photo

SL Imaging Module for SL 115 Classic from ZEISS

Product ID: 000000-1934-002

The SL Imaging Module from ZEISS enables image and video recording of all examinations - whether for documentation, patient consultation or presentations. The SL cam 5.0, a fully integrated, highly compact 5-megapixel camera, and the SL imaging software deliver high-resolution images and videos.

The SL Imaging Module for SL 115 Classic includes the SL cam 5.0, the SL imaging installation CD, a USB cable 1.5 m and mounting accessories.

$ 7,950.00  Excl. tax & shipping

Technical Data
ZEISS SL Imaging Module  
  ZEISS SL cam 5.0
Sensor size 5 MP (2592 x 1944 pixel)
Frame rate Approx. 25 fps at 648 x 486 pixel
Approx. 15 fps 1296 x 972 pixel
Approx. 5 fps at 2592 x 1944 pixel
Interface USB 2.0, 400 Mb/s
Dimensions (W x H x D) Depending on model, max. 80 mm x 60 mm x 40 mm
Weight Depending on model, max. 0.35 kg/max. 0.08 lbs
  SL Imaging software
Minimal requirements for computer hardware
Frequency Min. 2.26 GHz
Hard disc Min. 250 GB
RAM Min. 4 GB
Interface Min. 2x USB 2.0
CD/DVD drive
Monitor resolution Notebook: min. 1600 x 900 pixel, opt. 1920 x 1080 pixel
PC monitor: min. 1280 x 1024 pixel
Free memory SL Imaging software: 60 MB
SL Imaging software and Microsoft .Net software: 2 GB
Operating system Microsoft Windows XP 32 Bit, Service Pack 3
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 32/64 Bit, Service Pack 1
Software Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 9 or higher
Microsoft Media Player Version 10 or higher
Microsoft .Net Framework 4
Standard Delivery Package
Further Information
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