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ZEISS Certified CLARUS 500

Product ID: 266002-1173-129
ZEISS CLARUS 500 captures clear and accurate images from the macula to the far periphery. Early indications of disease can often be subtle and difficult to see through direct observation or low resolution fundus imaging. Leveraging ZEISS optics, ZEISS CLARUS 500 is an ultra-widefield retinal camera that captures a high-resolution image down to 7 microns and generates images that closely resemble the coloration of the fundus as seen during clinical examination.

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ZEISS Certified Edge

ZEISS Certified vs. Non-Manufacturer Resellers

There are dozens of “resellers” but ZEISS Certified Systems are only available through ZEISS. Let us take the risk out of your pre-owned system purchase. 

    ZEISS CertifiedNon-Manufacturer Resellers
Pre-Sale Product Selection
  • Trade-in from original owner
  • Documented service history
  • Strict selection criteria
  • Multiple inventory sourcing
  • Limited service history
  • Inconsistent supply
  • Consistent performance
  • Only factory-authorized parts are used
  • Detail-oriented exterior refurbishment
  • Complete system check to verify the system meets original factory specification and performance
  • Non-standardized refurbishment process
  • Non-original parts may be used
  • Esthetic results vary
  • Software updated to most current verison
  • All software applicatons are fully licensed
  • No software updates from the manufacturer
  • Not licensed by the manufacturer
Post-Sale Training
  • ZEISS installation and in-depth training included with every purchase
  • Access to ZEISS training modules, application specialists, remote tech support
  • Installation support varies by re-seller
  • Limited training support  
  Spare Parts
  • Original spare parts available for repairs
  • Limited access to original spare parts
  • All Service Engineers are ZEISS trained
  • ZEISS Service contract option
  • Service technicians not specialized in ZEISS products
  • Re-seller service agreements, if available
  • Factory warranty-same as for new system purchase
  • Terms vary


Color. Clarity. Comfort. CLARUS
> 133° first capture includes ETDRS 7 fields of view, 200° Auto-montage
> Broad Line Fundus Imaging: Scanning technology that enables True color fundus imaging to aid in differential diagnosis
> RGB Channel Separation: True color images can be separated into Red, Green and Blue channel images to enhance the visual contrast of details in certain layers of the retina
> Fewer recaptures with the IR Preview for a more efficient, patient friendly, capture workflow.
> Imaging Modalities include True Color, Stereo, FAF-Green, FAF-Blue, External, RGB Channel Separation
> A stable and neutral head and chin rest brings the optics to the patient, facilitating an easier and more comfortable scan
> Practice-building solutions to help your practice and patients

Manage your patients with confidence.
• COLOR. Capture True Color to aid in differential diagnosis
• CLARITY. See high-resolution details from the posterior pole to the periphery
• COMFORT. Create a comfortable patient experience that ensures image integrity


Technical Data
Standard Delivery Package
The standard delivery package for the ZEISS CLARUS 500 includes:
1 CLARUS 500 instrument
1 keyboard/touchpad USB
1 dust cover
1.0.5 CLARUS s/w kit
1 Practice Building Kit
1 Document Set: Quick reference guide, Instructions for use
1 Review License (quantity: 10)
Further Information

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